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Are you wanting to build a profitable internet-based business?

Are you frustrated with the time, money and energy you've already invested?

Are you not getting the results you would really like to have?

Would you like personal one-on-one coaching from someone who really knows
how to build a profitable internet-based business and can coach you to do it too?


Hi, my name is Mark Hendricks, you've probably heard of me.

I'm a business and marketing expert; sales copywriter; joint venture specialist; software developer; an author, speaker, consultant, mentor, and success coach.

For the last 25 years, I've been using my proven marketing secrets in my own businesses to personally sell millions of dollars of products and services, as well as help other business owners get more predictable and profitable results in a wide variety of industries. I work and live with my wife on our horse farm, hidden away in the rolling hills of Trilby, Florida.

Using the internet since 1994, my advice, articles, and publications have helped thousands of people world-wide to finally start making money online.

I don't tell you this to brag or boast, I only mention it because we're going to talk about something very important to you and your business success, and I want you to know what I tell you is true and reliable.

When trying to build a successful internet-based
business, most people just don't know
everything it really takes to get it going...

So you usually hunt around to try and find some free information only to find it's not organized well and it's out of date, or it just plain doesn't work. Then maybe you bought one of those instant websites that promised you a cookie-cutter website with thousands of products like in a shopping mall kind of thing, only to discover they sold thousands of the same site to other people...they got your money and you didn't make a dime.

You've read all the newsletters and ebooks, and
listened to countless teleseminars that
only try to sell you something...

You've probably subscribed to all the "gurus" newsletters and have tried all the bells and whistles and new website gadgets they use and recommend, and it still doesn't put the kind of money in your bank account that you hoped for, has it?

And you've bought a few ebooks, or maybe hundreds or thousands of dollars of ebooks that are sitting there on your computer's hard drive, just waiting for you to read them completely. And most are probably just a rehash of what the author grabbed from someone else, slapped together a great sounding salesletter that over-promised but under-delivered...again.

And how about those free teleconferences and webinars? dial up hoping to really hear the secret you've been missing, and all you hear them do is tell their rags to riches success stories for 45 minutes, and then give you a sales pitch for the latest and greatest product they're selling for the last 15 minutes... they don't want to help you make money, they want to help themselves to your money!

And how about those high-priced live seminars?...

Have you ever gone to some of the high-priced seminars where you hear how to build your own internet business and get more success in your own life? There's a star-studded line up of speakers, people that really know how to make a buck and you can attend to hear them speak for 90 minutes while they pump you full of motivation and try to sell you their stuff at the back of the room (and you paid hundreds if not thousands of dollars and traveling for hours or days, all for the "privilege" of being sold to in a big beautiful hotel conference ballroom)...ouch!

It really does come down to who do you trust, doesn't it?

I Know What You're Going
Through, I Hear It All The Time

People just like you are really wanting to know the truth, and are hungry for a step-by-step plan to finally learn how to master this concept of owning your own wildly profitable internet-based business that produces cashflow 24/7, day in and day out.

You see, I've had thousands of people ask me to take them on and coach them so they could learn how to build their own successful and profitable internet business, but unfortunately, due to working on my own projects and working with a few select clients, I've had to turn them down... until now.


"The Internet Success System"

This unique program has been designed and developed to help you build your own profitable internet business in the shortest time possible, using strategies and techniques that I've personally used to sell millions of dollars of products and services during my business career.

It's a complete, step-by-step, A to Z, take-you-by-the-hand and show-you-what-to-do program for people who are really excited and motivated to build their own wildly successful internet business.

I've Got Lots To Tell You, Let's Start With The
Course Outline Of "The Internet Success System
Home Study Course
"... it is included with each
membership level and includes all of the core
marketing principles that I have personally
developed, tested and use for profitable results,
and I guarantee I will reveal to you each and
every one of these topics in complete detail...

This is all original instruction from Mark Hendricks,
it is NOT some PLR fluff created by a ghost
writer who knows nothing from experience

Module One:

What are your market's problems, fears, doubts, hopes and desires? And what does your market really want to buy?

  • How to really get inside the head of your target prospect

  • How to use the seven positive emotions in selling

  • Which positive emotion has the greatest power

  • How to use the seven negative emotions in selling

  • Which negative emotion has the greatest power

  • Positive emotions or negative emotions, which motivates the most people

  • 61 problems that people have... and they need, want and gotta get solutions to them

  • 57 excuses people give, be prepared to answer them using my secret strategy to turn their excuses into the exact reasons why they should take action

  • What two things does your market really want to buy?

  • How to get your prospects to tell you what they will buy and exactly what words to use to get them to buy from you faster

Module Two:

Who are your competitors? (know your niche, find your USA, possible JV partners and back-end sales)


  • The easiest way to learn more about your target market niche

  • Eight things you will learn from your competitors that you can use to quicken your own success

  • You must implement this one secret to leap past your competitors

  • What is your USA?... do you even have one?

  • The one question you must answer for your prospect so they will buy from you... if you don't answer it for them, they may come up with the wrong answer and buy from someone else

  • Terrific free tools to get information on your competitors

  • How to use Alexa to find out everything you want to know about your marketplace, your prospects and your competitors

  • How to make money off of your competitors, and make them happy to let you do it

  • How to make money off of people who don't buy from you

Module Three:

Creating your sales documents (salesletters,
AR messages, etc.)


  • How to get more leads and prospects coming to you who want to buy now

  • The secret psychological sales triggers to pull to get more profit results from your ads, sales letters and website

  • What you must learn to end the frustration and get more of what you want from your business

  • The little secret that no one else is telling you about making money on the internet

  • All the latest hi-tech web design gadgets, bells and whistles won't help make you any money unless you learn to use these two things

  • Why you should never trust your website sales potential to a graphic artist or HTML code programmer

  • How to use persuasive words to take people through the five main steps to buying your products and services

  • How to clearly articulate why your prospect should buy from you rather than anyone else

  • What really does the selling on a webpage

  • How people make buying decisions and how you can use this basic human trait to increase your sales like crazy

  • The single most important and most widely overlooked marketing tool that you must acquire to secure your business success

  • The three things that must be in place for you to make a sale

  • Seven traits to look for in a hot market

  • How to use the 5 P's in every offer you make

  • When people will buy from you, and not a moment sooner

  • The three steps in the psychology of the buying process

  • The six psychological sales triggers to use in every ad, salesletter, and website

  • The classic ad and salesletter "formula"

  • The three most important parts of any ad, salesletter, or website

  • Seven ways to build your special offers

  • The secret to getting people to order from your sales page

  • The 17 parts of every successful ad, salesletter, or website salespage

  • Three words that increase sales more than anything else

  • How to increase sales by 2, 3, 5, or 10 times using this one simple strategy

Module Four:

Creating or finding your product(s) to sell


  • Seven ways to get a product to sell

  • Three basic product ideas that people want to buy

  • Four types of products that you should know about

  • Six levels of quality or service you should be selling for maximum customer satisfaction and your own profitability

  • How to let your competitors design products for you... and yours will sell better

  • The easy way to design a new product or service

  • Make these three variations of the same product so you can sell it multiple times, are you missing out on untold profits too?

  • How to cross sell products and services for even more profits

  • The biggest secret to maximizing your product or service profit potential

Module Five:

Setting up your website infrastructure (webhosting, auto-responders, credit card processing, etc.)

  • What to look for in a webhosting service, 13 questions you had better ask

  • Autoresponders... what type is right for you?

  • Single, sequential and broadcast mailings... all have a different purpose

  • Where should you host your autoresponder mailing system?

  • Watch out for these autoresponders tricks and traps, they could cost you your business

  • Alternatives to email, what's hot and what's not

  • How to best use autoresponders in your marketing

  • What your prospects want, and when they want it

  • What to do if they don't buy from you the first time you make an offer

  • How to get more profitable results (most people never do this simple thing)

  • Why you should create small niche lists and make special offers to them

  • Why you should add a new subscriber to three lists everytime they ask for information

  • How to set up your autoresponder signup pages using this simple technique

  • What kind of messages should you send prospects

  • How do you build the best relationship with them

  • A simple technique that gets your mail opened and read

  • An easy three step formula for making sales in emails

  • Seven rules to follow in successful email marketing

  • How to accept payment, which credit card processors are right for you?

  • How about affiliate tracking software, what's the best solution at your stage of the game?

Module Six:

Building your webpage or website for sales success


  • Where should you begin when starting building a webpage or website (most people get this wrong and never recover from the mistake)

  • What each webpage must have to fulfill it's purpose

  • Exactly what should everything on a webpage be focused on, anything that doesn't do this should be deleted or redone

  • Three rules of webpages that sell

  • The five most important parts of your webpage or website

  • The three more important pages on your website for generating more profits

  • Five important words to use to get people to take action

  • Six more things your website and pages should contain

  • Four important characteristics of successful websites

  • The most important focal point of any website... most websites make this big mistake - just make sure you don't do it too

  • The easiest way to create websites that sell

Module Seven:

Driving traffic to your site, list-building, and followup


  • How to decide who to allow to be on your prospect list (that's right, allow!)

  • The fastest way to get traffic to your site and build your own list

  • The two top sources of targeted traffic and prospects

  • How to quickly be getting targeted prospects coming to your site and subscribing to your list

  • What resources do you have already that will help you build your own list

  • The only thing you want from your traffic sources, accept nothing less

  • How to use redirect scripts to track your results in your website statistics

  • How to use Google to test, track, and build your list

  • The secret to knowing exactly where your traffic is coming from so you can make better business decisions

  • How to use related keywords to your market niche to get traffic your competitors are overlooking

  • Three great tools to use to get traffic to your site

  • Four ways to pre-qualify traffic coming to your site so you don't waste your time and money on people who will never buy from you

  • Six layout tips that get you more clickthroughs to your site

  • Google AdWords or Yahoo, which PPC is right for you?

  • Quick tips for Google AdWords success

  • How to use Yahoo to get on major search engines instantly

  • Should you use banner ads, or not (what to look for, what to look out for)

  • How to use email and ezine advertising for best results (these secrets could mean the difference in a successful campaign and a complete flop)

  • A sneaky way to write ads in other people's publications

  • How to optimize your pages for search engines, and what search engines really want

  • Using articles, RSS and Blogs to get tons of free traffic to your site so you can build your list

  • How to link with others to increase traffic to your sites

  • The secret of viral marketing and how you can use it to your own benefit

  • Four great ways to get free traffic and new subscribers

  • How to build your list from other peoples' traffic and lists

  • Using your own affiliate program to build your list

  • How to use joint ventures that bring you more traffic and build your list with no upfront costs

  • Seven rules you must apply to build your list and profit from it for years to come

  • How to use followup so you can build the relationship with people on your list

  • The five easiest ways to build your relationship with your list of prospects and customers

  • The greatest sales secret I've ever discovered to make more sales, quicker and faster

Module Eight:

Testing, Testing, Testing to convert traffic to sales


  • Discover the lowest-cost, highest-return marketing strategy you can use to increase the profitability of your business

  • The three major benefits to you provided by testing

  • How to use testing to increase your profits 2, 3, 5, 10 or more times

  • Four reasons why most people don't do testing (don't you make these same mistakes)

  • How to get big results from little tests

  • What is split testing?... or A/B testing?

  • The big mistake most people make when testing

  • The magic formula for leveraging your profit results from small little tests

  • Three great tools for internet split testing

  • Fourteen variables to test on your sales page to achieve maximum profits

  • Exactly why is testing so important to your long term success

  • How to get even more profit leverage in your business by testing these six other areas most people don't even think to test

Module Nine:

Finding and setting up Joint Ventures



  • The ultimate goal of a joint venture is to benefit three parties, do you know who they are?

  • Eight ways to use Joint Ventures to leverage off of others business resources

  • Three major ways you can benefit from joint ventures

  • Seven ways to benefit from joint ventures if you're the product or service provider

  • Five ways to benefit from joint ventures if you're the list owner

  • If you have no product, no customers, or no money... no problem. You can learn these five strategies to become a JV dealmaker or broker

  • The six step joint venture success process

  • How to find winners to do joint ventures with now, and in the future

  • How to use the 'triple leverage' email letter to find JV partners

  • How to position yourself as a someone people want to do joint ventures with

  • The sales psychology of the JV Endorsement Letter

  • The startling difference between a salesletter and a JV Endorsement Letter

  • The two things you have working for you that's an almost unfair sales advantage

  • The six characteristics that the JV endorsement must communicate to the prospective buyer

  • Seven ways to structure JV special offers, and what to include for even greater impact

  • Five important JV endorsement tips

  • Six ways to make even more from Joint Ventures

Module Ten:

Setting up your own Affiliate program


  • Exactly what is an Affiliate Marketing program and what you can expect from it

  • The greatest benefit to you in setting up your own Affiliate Program

  • How to literally have thousands of people bringing new leads, prospects, sales and customers to you without paying them upfront to do so... all for only a small investment of time and money

  • Why would affiliates want to sell your products or services?... answer this question right and they will flock to your program

  • Eight major benefits of having your own affiliate program

  • Four things to remember in dealing with your affiliates (don't mess this up)

  • Joint Ventures and Affiliate Programs are the same, right?... No, not at all, they are very different and you'll learn to use both to your advantage

  • Two basic ways to setup your Affiliate Tracking and Management system

  • How should you pay your affiliates, and for what?

  • How much should you pay your affiliates, and how often?

  • One Tier or Two Tier Program?... which is right for you

  • How can you pay your affiliates?

  • How do they signup, how do they get their links, how do you train them, how do you stay in touch?

  • What marketing tools and training should you provide them with?

  • How to keep in touch with your affiliates and what you should say

  • Who to contact first to become your affiliates

  • Who to contact second to become your affiliates

  • Affiliate directories... how about a great list of them

  • Using email advertising and newsletters directories to find great affiliates

  • Super Affiliates: who are they and how do you find them

Module Eleven:

Back-end offers to your list to leverage your profits


  • The most expensive and hardest sale you'll ever make

  • The easiest and most profitable sale you'll ever make

  • Why it's so much easier to sell to a customer, there's three, no four good reasons why

  • Never forget what the greatest asset of your business is (and I've never seen an accountant put this on a balance sheet, amazing!)

  • So many people spend so much time to try to build a list of prospects when they continually overlook the hottest list they could ever have

  • The three magic words that will build your business profits for years to come

  • Three easy sales strategies to get more profits out of your current customers

  • Five questions to continually ask yourself to harvest more profits from your customer list

  • Four ways to build your profit machine using back-end sales strategies that most business owners just don't know about

  • How to profit wildly from your customer base for years to come

Module Twelve:

Programming Yourself For Success


  • Where all your achievements and all your earned riches have their beginnings

  • The one thing that you must control to assure your success

  • Six steps to achieving anything you want

  • The secret to getting everything you want from life

  • How to turn lemons into lemonade (the art of turning negatives into positives)

  • The astonishing relationship between problems and solutions

  • Three seemingly magic steps you've used in the past to get everything you've really wanted, and the same three steps you must take to get everything you want in the future

  • The self-confidence success formula that winners use daily

  • Which kind of the two types of knowledge can you make the most money with

  • Why most knowledge is useless, unless this proven principle is applied

  • How to use your imagination to get what you want

  • All successful people use this strategy, and you will too

  • What you must never do if you really want to win

  • How successful people make decisions

  • How to cure your own procrastination...forever!

  • The one positive you must develop to achieve your goals

  • How to use your subconscious mind to get what you want

  • Understanding and using the Seven Positive and Seven Negative Emotions in you and others

  • How to tune your brain to bring you success

  • Most people don't do this one thing, and it keeps them from getting everything they want in life

  • Three words that all successful people live by

  • Why modeling success is the quickest way to achieve yours

  • A simple way to find out what really works

  • What exactly is advertising

  • Long or short ads, which works better?

  • How to communicate best with your target market

  • Whose viewpoint is more important?

  • The easiest thing to sell to people

  • The one question your prospect is always asking

  • A simple sales strategy that yields big results

  • How to look at situations through your customers eyes

  • There is nothing as uncommon as this success trait

  • What can go without saying...the answer may surprise you

  • The little secret that most people overlook that makes your business success so much easier

  • Five ways to discover your best market(s)

  • Internet research tools that find you your target markets

  • What two types of people are you really looking for

  • How to stack the success deck in your favor by answering a few simple questions

And you get my exclusive "Nuts And Bolts Of Internet Marketing Quick Start Guide" that includes:

Choosing and registering a domain name based on market research of keywords
Getting a good hosting company that actually cares about their customers
Setting the DNS at your domain registry to allow the world to find your website
Understanding the things you need to know about your Cpanel in your website account
How to setup email accounts and forward them to any email address you want
How to upload and download files using a FREE FTP program (html, text, audio, video, graphics, zip files, etc) ... and where to put them on your site
How to tweak the Chmod settings (and why you want to do that)
How to quickly install a FREE WordPress blog on your domain to have an instant web presence
How to customize your WordPress blog to have the look and feel you want for your online business using FREE WordPress themes
How to customize the WordPress settings so you provide the best possible links to the search engines full of keyword phases that people are searching for
How to install and tweak the top WordPress plugins that add the most useful functions and benefits that a WordPress blog offers to you
How to create a post, a page, set up categories, and use widgets to make your blog attractive to both your visitors and the search engines
How to add text, graphics, audio and video to your postings (it's really easy, once you know the little secrets I will show you)
The proper ways to create the titles and tags for your postings that help you get better search engine position for more free traffic to your pages
How to use two FREE Social Media tools to get your pages indexed and ranked quickly by the search engines (this only takes a minute to do and gets your content spread all over the internet creating an information network that leads back to your site!)
How to use another FREE Social Media tool to upload your video once, and get it distributed to 7 of the top video sites automatically (then use the other two FREE tools to get your videos indexed and ranked quickly for mega-traffic to your site)
Plus you get other free software tools that I personally use to work with graphics, audio, and video files too!
And you'll get some free trial versions of market research keyword software, video editing software, and computer screen capture software too!
Plus a lot more!

Plus you have instant access to over 200 training videos on topics that include:

  • 29 easy and instant web design tricks that make your pages look great

  • 15 easy ways to boost your web site response rates

  • 5 quick ways to get tons of traffic to your website for free

  • 7 fast ways to get links back to your website

  • 10 easy steps to a Google-Friendly page

  • How to master web graphics in 10 easy to follow steps

  • 5 quick ways to explode your opt-in email lists

  • How to build huge niche keyword lists fast

  • How to use RSS to add automatic updating content to your site

  • How to create professional PDFs for free

  • How to setup a secure members area on your site for free

  • Learn everything you need to know about online niche selling

  • Discover how you can create great looking ebooks and profit from selling them

  • How to create a minisite in 30 minutes or less using free and optionally purchased tools

  • Step by step guide on how to use WordPress to maximize your earnings and rapidly create profit pulling site after profit pulling site

  • How to correctly drive FREE targeted traffic to your website or blog and boost your search engine rankings with video marketing

  • How to use Kunaki to produce and deliver CDs and DVDs 24/7 - these videos introduce you to Kunaki's system and shows you how easy it is to produce and deliver physical info product on autopilot (great for eBay too)

  • How to use social marketing sites to get lots of traffic and leads to your sites

  • Step by Step Video Guide to Google PPC Marketing

  • A free copy of CamStudio (IM Version) screen capture software with all the extra cool features to help you make videos right off of your computer screen

  • 50 professional online sales strategies for making profit pulling sales from you webpages and blogs

  • How to use parasite hosting sites so you get major exposure and traffic coming to your main sites

  • How to setup and profit from a membership site built using WordPress

  • How to sell services online and make cash time and time again

  • And much more!

The ISS Membership includes
everything I've mentioned above:
(ISS Gold members also receive all of this content plus a lot more)

And here's a quick summary of the ISS Membership

The complete Internet Success System Home Study Course Manual with all twelve modules in written form so you can read and refer to them time and time again - downloaded as PDF files from our server to your computer
Twelve recorded training modules of the ISS Home Study Course complete with all handouts and reference materials where I will teach you everything you need to know and answer your specific questions - downloaded as MP3 audio files and PDF files from our server to your computer
The complete course of study contains over 20 hours of audio instruction and over 450 pages of written materials - this is not a course full of fluff and rehashed material, this is the real deal information you must know to succeed online
The complete "Nuts And Bolts Of Internet Marketing Quick Start Guide"
Over 200 video tutorials to show you exactly what to do - these videos show you step-by-step, click-by-click the what and the how to do business online
Access to all past and future archived recordings of the ISS Mastermind Webinars (this is a huge database which is searchable)
Instant access to the complete set of ISS Advanced Strategy Workshops (there are over 100 of these high-level training sessions) - each workshop is 60-90 minutes and includes the workshop manual and recordings - all of these Advanced Strategy Workshops were specifically produced for the ISS Gold program - be sure to click here to see all 100+ Advanced Strategy Workshop titles!
And more - see the complete chart below!

"Okay, okay I want it... how much is it?"

The price?...I'm glad you asked.

I've structured the investment you'll make in your own success to be affordable for anyone who is really serious about wanting to make it happen for themselves.

Let me be clear, this is not some "magic push button", "cookie-cutter website" deal, or any other lame-brained scheme at setting up an "instant internet business".

It's a "roll-up-your-sleeves, get-busy-and-make-it-happen" approach with me pulling back the curtain so you can see exactly what steps you need to systematize the whole internet business process so you have the lifestyle you want and deserve.

I'll be teaching you, coaching you, helping you,
poking and prodding you each step of the way!

If you're tired of all the BS and hype you've been fed, and wasting your time and money trying everything that someone pitches your way, then this is the right program for you.

But before I tell you the special membership price, let
me tell you about something even more exciting...

Here's What You're In Store For When You Register For The
Internet Success System Gold Membership Today...

The ISS Gold Membership

The ISS Gold Membership includes everything that is included in the
ISS Membership, PLUS these extra special benefits and privileges...

The ISS Gold Membership is specifically designed for those people
who want to leverage their profits higher and higher, and create the
lifestyle that is possible using the internet to its fullest potential

Be sure to read this closely, there's a lot of extra perks
that ISS Gold members get and benefit from:

Private one-on-one scheduled monthly 30 minute consultations with Mark to discuss your business: this is a private telephone call each month with you and Mark to make sure you are on track and stay on track, to answer any questions you have, and to keep you motivated and clear on your personal goals and outcomes - this is a 10 star bonus!
Unlimited email support answered personally by Mark Hendricks, not an assistant - if you have a question or problem you can't figure out open a support ticket and Mark will help you track down the solution
Your copy of the complete Internet Success System Home Study Course - with all 12 recorded modules, all handouts, all transcriptions, video training, and all resources
Instant access to the complete set of ISS Advanced Strategy Workshops (there are over 100 of these high-level training sessions) - each workshop is 60-90 minutes and includes the workshop manual and recordings - all of these Advanced Strategy Workshops were specifically produced for the ISS Gold program - be sure to click here to see all 100+ Advanced Strategy Workshop titles!
Instant access to our ISS Members Only video training area, topics included are: how to create substantial checks every month using Camtasia (or the free CamStudioIM), 50 professional online sales strategies for making profit pulling sales from you webpages and blogs, how to use parasite hosting sites so you get major exposure and traffic coming to your main sites, how to setup and profit from a membership site built using WordPress, how to sell services online and make cash time and time again, and much more - these videos show you step-by-step, click-by-click the what and the how to do business online
8 Followup Bonus Sessions on generating lots and lots of traffic
And much, much more!

You get everything in the ISS Gold Membership - and
your membership fees are locked in and won't go
up when the price is raised in the future

"Mark, this is a great deal, why do you do this?"

You know, that is a great question, and let me give you my best answer.

Over the years, there have been thousands of people who have wanted me to help them, and it's really not possible to do all that on a one on one basis. So I came up with this very affordable way to help as many serious-minded entrepreneurs as I possibly can to become even more successful than they are already.

I wanted to make sure that the Internet Success System was priced so anyone could benefit from it, at whatever level you are at now. And I wanted to make sure that you can stay plugged in and attend the current and future ISS Mastermind Webinars to keep in touch with all of your ISS contacts as time goes by too.

And one other thing...after learning my strategies, techniques, and marketing mindset - many of my ISS members become excellent joint venture partners for me and others who I introduce them to. So you can see I am focused on getting you the training and results you want for a very reasonable price, unlike so many others who only want to get into your bank account and not care about your long-term success.

Please Note: This Offer Is Limited

I reserve the right to increase the price, eliminate bonuses, reduce the number sold, or even stop selling the Internet Success System Memberships at any time, so if you don't signup now and you come back later, you may find the prices have gone up, you may not get the memberships that are offered today.

"My Personal Guarantee To You"

While I cannot and will not guarantee your success (there are too many variables in your personal background, work ethic, persistence, and business situation), I can make you this promise.

My Personal Guarantee To You - if at any time during the first 90 days of The Internet Success System membership program you are not thrilled with the content, advice, and service I provide - just let me know that you would like to quit and you want a refund, and I will cheerfully refund all of your money...I don't want any unhappy customers.

But please note (and please don't be offended when I say this), if you
are full of excuses, a whiner, or a quitter, then please do not signup
for this program. It's not fair to me or the many others who
are already participating.

Call me, this phone number rings on my desk...

If you have more questions, and you are seriously interested, send me an email with your questions, or better yet, just pick up the phone and call me at 352-583-3697 (Florida). We will talk about all the details and decide if you are right for this program prior to you joining.

And remember, to get all the discounts and bonuses promised you must
order now, I cannot and will not guarantee that the price will
remain the same or the bonuses will be available tomorrow

Haven't you wasted enough time and money trying to figure
everything out on your own?...Wouldn't a program
like this be exactly what you've been wanting?

Signup today, you'll find the Internet Success System to
be everything I've promised you and more

Here's how to signup now!

"YES!" - I want to be accepted into The
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Yes, I understand that I will learn highly confidential strategies, techniques, and concepts. I also agree to protect your intellectual property, and the intellectual properties of other Internet Success System participants that I may become privy to.

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Package Item ISS Member ISS Gold
The Complete ISS Home Study Course (12 Modules)
The Complete Nuts And Bolts Of Internet Marketing Quick Start Guide
Instant access to over 200 video tutorials to show you exactly what to do - these videos show you step-by-step, click-by-click the what and the how to do business online
Instant access to all future ISS Profits Lab training webinars with Mark
Instant access to the complete set of ISS Advanced Strategy Workshops (there are over 100 of these high-level training sessions) - each workshop is 60-90 minutes and includes the workshop manual and recordings - all of these Advanced Strategy Workshops were specifically produced for the ISS Gold program - be sure to click here to see all 100+ Advanced Strategy Workshop titles!
BIG discounts to attend ISS Advanced Strategy Workshop live events
Private one-on-one monthly 30 minute telephone consultations with Mark to discuss your business - this is a 10 star bonus!  
Unlimited email support answered personally by Mark Hendricks, not an assistant - if you have a question or problem you can't figure out open a support ticket and Mark will help you track down the solution  
Instant access to my 8 Followup Bonus Sessions on getting lots of traffic
  ISS Member ISS Gold

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One more thing before you join...

You will notice there are no income claims made by me, or in any of the testimonials given by members and guest speakers. Your results will be determined by you, and only you. There are no shortcuts to success...there is hard work, persistence, and good business sense.

I'm excited to bring this breakthrough program to you, and know you'll be delighted with your purchase today.



Mark Hendricks

P.S. If you've ever looked around for this kind of intensive internet training program you already know down deep you in your heart what a great deal I've put together here for you. You get a complete training system, including recorded sessions, live sessions, and personal one-on-one coaching for ISS Gold members. It all comes with my 100% satisfaction guarantee, and you can get started right now, signup today.

P.P.S. You've probably spent more on ebooks, programs, and other bells and whistles technology than what I'm asking you to invest in your own success today. If you don't buy today, you're not saying no to me, you're saying no to you.

P.P.P.S. Please remember, you only get everything I've mentioned if you signup today, and I cannot guarantee they will be here tomorrow, or that the price will stay this low for everything you get. So be good to yourself, make the right decision and take action to achieve your goals now, your greater success is waiting for you. Signup now while this is fresh on your mind.

Here's just a few of the comments
we get from our members:


I just had to write and let you know how much I have appreciated your mentorship over the last several months.

I'm far from being one of those lazy internet millionaires but I make far more than most who try on the net and I owe a lot of that to your guidance. And by the way I have not spent one nickel advertising this year. It's all been joint ventures. You know a little about those I guess!

Best wishes,

-- Leo J. Quinn, Jr.

Hi Mark!
There are three items on my budget that I pay straightaway: Mortgage, Internet ISP monthly bill, and my ISS Gold Membership...not necessarily in that order.
The information and relationships I've built at the Internet Success Systems seminar have become a vital part of my daily life just as having heat in the winter is essential.
My third ISS event was even better than the previous two. It blew me away. I'm already planning to attend the ISS seminar in Orlando in March and in October WHEREVER it is!
ISS absolutely reflects your giving personality and high integrity. I can't give any higher praise. High integrity is a quality missing in many of the pitchfests out there intent on separating attendees from their wallets.
Even thought you could make a lot more money immediately by doing your own provide pure value. And I really appreciate that.
The terrific speakers you get like Willie Crawford come early, stay late, participate in the critiques and help each and every ISSer that asks for it. And they do that for three solid days!
But the best part is watching speakers who only six months earlier sat next to me in the they talk about their successes from the front of the room.
They made it under your tutelage!
These are real people breaking out and quitting their jobs to build financially independent lives. You can't imagine how much hope that provides those of us just building our businesses.
This program works! In the six months I've been an ISS member, I've built several online businesses. Your help was the key!
Mark, like your speakers, you hold nothing back. You reveal exactly what it takes to be successful online. And you expect the same commitment from apprentices as well as speakers.
And you get it. Willingly. You attract people like you, Mark, so there are a roomful of people willing to give aid and comfort as we build businesses together.
Without the ISS -- you as a mentor specifically -- I would have drowned in the sea of online information.
Thanks for the lifeline.
-- David Perdew

Hi Mark,

I just wanted to tell you that ever since I have been online (about five years now), I have never had anyone be as courteous and helpful as you have been with me.

You've taught me so much about the technical side, the sales side, and the relationship side of the business.

I have dealt with many of the 'so called' Internet Marketing gurus - most of whom were just after my money. You have proven to me that there are still honest, helpful people in the world.

Thanks for all your help, and I am really looking forward to doing more business with you in the future.

-- David Bowden

Hello Mark,

I just wanted to quickly let you know how incredibly impressed I am with ISS and the IMMENSE amount of top-notch information I am learning from it.

Not only are the main lessons of the course the most "in depth" tell-all, and valuable I've ever seen, but when combined with all the recorded telesessions and brainstorm sessions, it's absolutely 'endless.'

This is without a doubt, the best investment I have made in my marketing career (and I've spent well over $20,000 in education before meeting you).

If you ever want a testimonial, just let me know.


-- Cory Friedman


I spent $8,000 on (**********)'s mentor program last year and honestly believe that it was a complete waste of money. Without a doubt, it was the single biggest financial mistake of my life. I would much rather have taken your course 8 times than to have taken his course once.

Thanks again for putting together the Internet Success System program, it's been even more valuable to me than you promised.

Thanks so much,

-- Thomas Holley

[ note: Mark added the ***** to the letter above, so the "guru's" name would not be exposed ]

This was my first ISS meeting, but it sure won't be the last. What an experience! 
I learned more in the few days we spent together than I've learned from all the other "guru's" I've listened to put together.   And for a heck of a lot less money, I might add.
What separates you from the others is your honest, deeply rooted desire to help your members succeed.  You made the point several times during the weekend "This workshop isn't about Mark Hendricks, it's about you."  And you mean it. 
What I truly appreciate about you is you really are real.  No pretention. No "big me, little you". Just plain, simple " I care about you and want you to have the tools to do well."  I'm signing up for the next seminar now to make sure I don't miss out the opportunity to interact again with my new found friends and business partners.  Being there means that much to me. 
Thanks for being who you are. 
-- Martin Sabel


I had known of your work and followed what you were doing for quite a while before I joined your Internet Success System.

I joined because I had experienced first hand what you could teach. I was so impressed with your approach to marketing - an honest and honorable and ethical approach, to be sure, but also the most savvy approach I've seen. I had to join to see what else you had to offer.

I haven't been disappointed.

I have to say the sessions are down to earth, easy to follow, and easy to implement. There is a well-rounded approach to marketing that I find very compelling because I'm sick to death of gurus claiming that their method is the only way to go.

Your phone sessions are like private coaching sessions, full of targeted advice and extremely helpful.

I would recommend the Internet Success System to anyone truly interested in succeeding in internet marketing. You are the real thing - a marketer who succeeds in both the marketplace and in the 'classroom' teaching others.

-- Jack Hughes


I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I am looking forward to the upcoming Internet Success System.

This will be my second ISS event and if it is one-half as informative and supportive as the first conference that I attended in will be more than worth the investment of time and money.

I have followed your marketing efforts and internet activities for a couple of years before we met face-to-face in Tampa. From the earliest meeting you were warm, genuine and more than willing to share your wisdom, while encouraging those attending to share and learn from each other.

The gathering was small enough that everyone retained his or her individuality while having the opportunity to share ideas with each other throughout the event and during lunches and the evening meal when many of us chose to gather again on our own time.

Beyond the lessons and experience that you shared so graciously, the afternoons provided each of us the chance to participate in Master Mind Sessions where we profited from everyone examining one of our websites or marketing plans and offer extremely helpful and supportive, constructive criticism and advice.

There have been ongoing opportunities to share with each other on monthly conference calls, and despite the fact that I teach at the same time as the monthly evening calls, I have been able to provide questions and comments to you prior to the calls and have received feedback and ideas from those attending the live calls.

The home study course is a great guide that is amplified by the open and prompt communications that you and I have had over email and the telephone during the past year. No one could hope for a more supportive and giving mentor.

I would encourage anyone remotely serious about making a transition to an internet marketing lifestyle to attend an Internet Success Summit as soon as possible and take that first step to achieving their goals in a realistic manner. At the very least, take part in the Home Study Course and position yourself for success.

I personally look forward to the opportunity to meet you, share with you and learn from each group member.

-- Ron Capps

In the world of the Internet, finding people with Mark's experience who take the time to help those trying to get started is tough.

Mark has always been there to help when ever I asked. The ISS system helped me get "all" the answers needed for success on the Internet.

Many marketers that claim to have the system for success always fall short. Finding someone in this business who I can trust means the world to me. While many of them talk a good game, take your money and never talk to you. Mark over delivers on everything he does and spends personal time with each ISS member to help in any way that's needed.


I was there for the ISS sessions in Tampa. People said I was nuts for going with a hurricane heading right for where we had the meeting. After speaking with Mark on several occasions, I knew I just had to be there.

Quite an experience to say the least. Worth more than all the other seminars combined.

Imagine a training session that lasts for days and no pitch fest. Pure, in depth, much needed training. And it didn't stop when the weekend was over. We have monthly live sessions where members can ask for help on any project they're working on. What a concept, continuing education at it's best.

Met many great people too. An unforgettable experience.

-- John Stiles

The Master Mind Sessions are worth 10 times the price of the conference.

Mark's elite group of marketers will take your website and your business model and give you personalized advice and a real world critique of your entire marketing process.

You get finely tuned input from experts in search engine optimization, marketing system developers, product developers and a wide range of skill and expertise you would never be able to tap into without forking out a huge bundle of cash.

-- Jim Behuniak

Hi Mark,

I will start from your monthly teleseminars. It's not the usual "send me your questions first and I answer them on the next teleseminar, if you're lucky" type of the call. People can actually ask you the questions and communicate with you and each other in real time.

What's amaze me is that you find the time to answer each and every question the members are asking. It doesn't matter if this is the question from a complete newbie or from an experienced marketer.

You analyze members' sites, if that's what they want, you share the newest techniques and strategies.

I want to personally thank you for helping me with my InterPreneur newsletter and the conversion ratio for my sales pages. You're definitely one of the most talented copywriters and your knowledge of human psychology is astonishing.

As for the mastermind seminars you hold twice a year, they're phenomenal.

Thank you again for all your help.

-- Oleg Ilin

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